Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Naughty Little Boy Maintenance Man

Your day started as always, you were the maintenance man at an all-girl correctional school. But this was your day off and since you lived on campus you decided to take advantage of the school ground. You put on your Speedo and headed for the cliffs that were atop of the beach in front of the school when you c found a group of the girls receiving discipline outside in the forest on the way to the beach. You had always wanted to watch some of the girls being disciplined, but this was unreal. A group of girls only wear t-shirt and what look like blue panties were being spanked by a switch right before your eyes, you could feel your penis starting to get an erection as you watch one girl after another bare her bottom and receive her discipline. Well since no one knew you were there you decided to take this once in a life time chance and jerk-off while you were watching. You pulled off your Speedo and proceed to masturbate in the bushes behind the girls. You were doing it slowly as not to miss one switch on those beautiful bare bottoms…

When all of a sudden you heard, darling are you enjoying your as much as he is enjoying himself? Because if you are, the both of you will be in as much trouble as he in in right now. You turn around to see two women watching you play with yourself while watching the girl being spanked.
This was one of the ladies who taught at the school and she had the look like she was going to yank you by your penis right over to here. The second girl was standing right next to you but you didn’t even see her. You were to wrapped up in yourself and watching the girls bottom turn from white to red, she had video camera and was filming you while you played with your now fully erect penis.

You turn to your left and there she was with a video camera filming you stroking you penis. You were so shocked that you stop and stood there with you penis fully erect, and throbbing pointing up right in front of the teacher and the girl.

You knew that you were in trouble, but had no idea how much, and how painful it was going to be. The teacher said I hope your enjoying yourself because that won’t be the last erection you get on this campus. I am going to let the young ladies use you as an experiment about naughty little boys’ behavior. You will also be spanked over and over by me, the other teachers and the students here at this school…..

She told you to but your Speedo back on but to left your penis sticking out of the top of your suit. She told you and the girl with the camera to follow her. You and the girl were to be brought to the head mistress of the school to see if what she had in story for you was going to be acceptable. You begged her to let you put it inside you suit but she refused. She brought you to the open door where your adventure was going to begin. You were excited and worried at the same time. Being spanked by the girl of this school sounded like fun, but as for the other teacher and the head mistress your bottom tightened up thinking about this dilemma.

She let her hair down as she open the door and told you that your penis and it future erections would not be wasted. There were plenty of ladies in the school looking for a naughty little boy just like you to use for their enjoyment.

As soon as you walked in the door you knew you were going to get the spanking of your life as the Head Mother stood there looking at you with your throbbing penis exposed to her and everyone one in the room. She ordered you to tuck your penis back into your suit and to stand at attention.She told you that you had two choices. First was the police, the second was you were to work at the campus as you were before. But you would only be allowed to wear a shirt, socks, and shoes and no outside pants. You would be wearing a speedo or some other form of tight undergarment like underpants the entire time you were here.This would allow the girls and ladies of the campus to know just what you were thinking about. If you were seen with an erection by anyone you would be spanked like a naughty little boy should be in front of the one would saw you and once again in front of a class full of girls. If at any time your erection ejaculated semen out of it. The one in charge of your punishment would fully finish milking your penis and start the spanking over again. The thought of you walking around in just your speedo while all the girls on campus were watch to see if they could catch you with a erection made you start getting another right in front of her.

You stood there in front of her and the other ladies that came in to the room to see what was up. You were getting the strongest erection you had ever had and then you told here that you would pick the second and continue working at the campus. You told her this with an erection in your speedo. She told one of the young ladies to but a collar around your neck and take to the science lab room where there 1st experiment and the naughty boys behavior would begin right away. She told her also that you would be spanked in that classroom after she showed the girls just how naught a boy could be. She told you that you were to be made to ejaculate in front of the class while the girls took notes on what they saw, and what other things they would like to know about the male penis.
She led you into the classroom as all the girl looked on. This was the older group of girls on campus and what you had been caught doing was already all over the campus. By this time all the girls on the campus knew about you, what you were to do, and what they would be allowed to do and do to you. The room was full of anticipation as you walked in. Some girls stared at your erection, others cooed and the sight of your bottom in you tight speedo. One even had a ruler out on her desk already to spank you with; you knew that this was going to be lots of pain on your butt but also a lot of pleasure for you other part. You yourself couldn’t wait to get started, something about an ejaculation that was first on the list of experiments. And you were to be the test subject.

The teacher informed you of what was about to take place there and that you would perform as told or she would double the spanking you were to get.

She 1st pulled down you speedo just far enough to expose your now throbbing penis and started working it up and down fast and then slow tell you that you were not allowed to squirt anything out of it till she gave you permission to do so. But just as she finished telling you this you shot a wad like you never had done before. Boy it was so much that it look like it shot three feet into the air.

It was the biggest shot of cum you had ever felt shot out of you dick, and it seemed like the girls in the class weren’t even watching when the teacher squeezed a squirt out of you. She asks you if it felt good because it was now time for you spanking since you squirted without her permission. She said that a group of ladies were here to help her with this and in the next seconds you were over the legs of an older lady intent on deal out some pain on you bare bottom. And away she went………” O U C H”

She spanked you with passion and her passion was train on your bare bottom. All the girls in the class took notice of you spaking as you ass got reder and reder with each stroke of the wooden hair brush that she was appling to your now very sore, red, and trobbing bare bottom. All youthought about was what the girl in the class wanted to do with you and you wiggled around on her lap.

She had a couple of the girls strip down to their panties and asked you if you would like to watch them being spanked while playing with yourself again? But has the swats rained down on your butt strangely enough you felt you penis starting to get another erection as it was being squeezed between the older ladies two thighs and was rubbing up against her granny panties…you thought to yourself that you were going to shot another wad and right on to this old lady. The two girls told her that you might need a condom.

But then you were told to lay over the lap of the prettiest teacher on the campus, and when she started spanking you. Your penis now with still yet another stronger erection squirt cum all over the inside of her thighs and on to the floor.

HOW MUCH MORE COULD YOU TAKE ........ONLY TIME COULD TELL......The story continues................


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