Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Naughty Little Boy Maintenance Maam PartII

The next day they decided that you were going to work as a waiter during their discussion about you. You were allowed to wear an apron over your little boys underpants that you were to wear since you were caught acting like a naughty little boy. This was only because an outside lady was there for the meeting on what was going to be happening with you on this an all-girls correctional school. The Lady was wear red and you were looking at her and not what you were doing and you split wine all over one of the head of corrections officers. She jump up and said you’re not only a naughty little perverted boy but clumsy too. She said you were looking at her weren’t you, you said no Ma’am. She said are you calling me a liar, and she ask the lady in red and she said you were staring at her. The head lady said you just called both of us liars, for that you will be spanked and spanked right here and right now. One hundred swat for each one of us, she told the girl waiter to remove your apron and that there better not be an erection in your naughty little boys’ underpants. There were five women in the room and the fact that you would be standing there in your underwear was a turn on. But there was going to be a problem as soon as your apron was removed.

You were to be wearing a little tight white pair of boys’ underpants when she removed your apron. This would have been arousing enough for you to start getting an erection in front of the five ladies. But you knew that when your apron came off of you, your erection would started growing in front of the ladies you wouldn’t be wearing as they called them naughty little boy’s underpants. But you were wearing something completely different than those little

white underpants.

At that point they would pull down those naughty little boys’ underpants and see that you bare bottom was still a glow from the spanked you got in the science classroom after they found you playing with yourself in the bushes. While watch some of the girls in the school have their naughty little bare bottoms switch outside in the forest on the way to the beach. Of course you penis would be starting to get an erection, but at least you would be in compliance with the rule that you were to wear a shirt of their choosing, shoes and socks and of course the little boys underpants. But you knew you weren’t and there might be a price to pay for your miss doing.

But when she removed your apron you were left standing there with a jock strap on and not the little boy’s underpants. You know that this wasn’t going to go over well, or maybe it would…..? The Head Corrections Officer Lady asked “What are you wearing, where are the naughty little boy’s underwear? She continued with why are you wearing these, who gave you permission, and why is there a bulge that is growing in them? Just the thought of what is in store for you was arousing enough, but the tone in her voice just made it all that hotter. You felt your penis starting to get bigger and bigger. Being spanked by a group of beautiful women with you knowing that you would lose control during this and squirt all over was a big blood rush to your …… you know were .

You told her you were wearing a jock strap because your bottom was still sore from yesterday’s spanking and that you thought that if you were wearing an apron no one would know about it. “Really” she said, “Miss would you smack his bare bottom and let’s just see how sore his naughty little bottom really is”. She smacked your bare bottom really hard and it left a hand print on the red skin right where she hit it. “OOUUCCHH”. “Did that hurt my naughty little boy?” With that she reached down and grabbed to bulge in your jock strap, and squeezed it hard. “And what is this, and why is it getting bigger, and throbbing?”

Has soon as she let go of your now throbbing bulge, it was not only getting hard as it was yesterday watching the girls. It tried to forces it way out the front of your strap. “Oh No” you said……and then….

A bubble of semen formed on the tip of your erection for all five ladies to see.

Then one of the other girls asked “Are you about ready to fill your jock-strap full of cum, we can see a bubble of it forming on the tip of your erection”? The Head Lady said “Let’s just give it another good squeezing and see what happens.” You begged, “Please Ma’am don’t I will have an accident.” But she squeezed your bulging penis has hard as she could and pulled on it at the same time. You said”

Oh no not here.” And......

You held back the best you could but still squirted an adequate amount of cum came right through the material of your strap. Then another lady said, “Pulled down the front of his jock strap and let see his throbbing, dripping penis in person.”

Has one of them did, your penis poked straight out in front of all of them……

She told the girl waiter to continue slapping you bottom the whole time. Then she said, “You know you have 200 swats coming already, another 100 for spilling the wine and not apologizing for it. Then let us say 50 more for not wear the correct attire, and now about you sticky mess you made. For your erection you’ll get another 50, for Cuming in the presents of these ladies without permission another 100, and still another 100 for dripping cum on your apron. That’s 600 swats from each of us; we will be spanking you all weekend.” “ We’ll just have to take turn over the long weekend coming up, we can’t do it now” “ But let just see how many more swat we can get for this right now” With that she reached down and pulled on you penis 3 times as you held back the best you could. You scream “Oh no, please no more please…….oh no not again…”

Your penis let out another large drip of cum on to the apron, “That’s 200 more”

The Head lady then asked” Are we done yet you naughty little boy?” You both knew you were about ready to squirt semen allover that table.

You said” Ma’am may I please be excused, I promise to behave better in the future and I know that I will have to pay dearly for my naughtiness in front of your guest and the other ladies today”. “I promise to serve each one of them to the best of my ability to satisfy their most heartfelt wishes no matter what.” The Head Mistress then asked," if one of them ask you to fuck her for an hour what will you tell her?” “I’ll to it all day if she wishes Ma’am.” “Without squirting cum into her, none of these ladies is looking to get pregnant?” “Yes Ma’am”. “Liar” and she grabbed your now throbbing erection and jerked it back and forth. “With this thing, were lucky if you don’t squirt all over us now”. “Oh please ma’am may I please be excused, I going to have an accident right here please ma’am just let me......

go to the restroom” This is all you wanted to do yanked...... “NO” as she

They watch as you penis started to arch like it was getting ready to really squirt, you opened your eyes to help concentrate on not squirting, but the head mistress yanked on your now throbbing, twitching, aching penis……and then it happened…..

You let go with an “Oh No, Please no, not here, not now, please no” But you penis squirted a large wad of cum…

You squirted it right on the table in front of the ladies you let go with even a ......

larger squirt of cum an it few threw the air for a long distant and it surprised all the ladies when it….

Has it went right into the Head Mistress wine glass as your jerking, squirting penis continued too....

deposited cum all over the table, in the Mistress own wine drinking glass, all the while the girls watch the waitress paddled you now even sorer bare bottom…

The Mistress said “I know that that felt good, you have cum all over everything, and you were at 600 swats from each of us. But you squirt three more times and left four more puddles on semen including what’s dripping from you exhausted penis. I do believe girls that we are up to 1200 swats a peace. I think before we go any further we get to know who in here to have this very, very naughty little boy to clean up his mess, and we will go and plan the demise of his naughty behind. I think a good penis milking session, a few good enemas, and of course a lot of spanking is in order. I think we should take this naughty boy and a large bag of little boy underwear and pick 5 of our favorite young ladies and take him to the ranch for some go old fashion woodshed punishment. Each girl should get a turn at spanking this naughty boy. Don’t you think so ladies?” They all said “ YES MA’AM”……”

When you were made to clean up the mess you made, they had the meanest looking, but very pretty black girl. Who gave you a good spanking 1st, and then she watch you has you cleaned, mopped and made sure that the dining hall was clean. She said “After were done here you know that I am going to continue with you discipline in the bathroom area, there seems to be sticky white substance behind the toilets and on the floors. Then the head mistress said you were mine to the night, ever fuck a black girl?” “No Ma’am” But you thought to yourself she would do nicely… it was hard cleaning; she kept smacking your red, sore bottom.
She said when she is done with your penis tonight, you’ll wish you were born without one….Just a note you had an erection the entire time you were in her presents….She made you clean in the nude…..

After you finished clean up all the cum you squirted all over the girls restroom, where you masturbated from time to time looking out the window at the girls swim team. She continued with discipline as you wait for the time she said, “All right you naughty little boy, let’s see what all the hub bub is about on your little penis”

This was what you wanted right now….

The next morning you were order to report to the main office. There you meet three of the school teachers that told you that “you were going to be taken out the school ranch. Were 1st you would be tied over a barrel with only your bare bottom exposed to the sun for four hours. After your bare bottom had good sun burn you were to wear only a thin tight pair of white men’s bikini briefs. You would then be there to help the lady in charge of the ranch with four of her best friends. Who three had never been with a man and the one that had, had been miss treated” “But what will they do to me” you asked? “Anything they want, I here that they want to spank you for all the misdoings the one had had with her one guy. Then they plan to use you and your naughty penis for whatever”.

But before you were to leave the office you were to be spanked by all five ladies in attendance, and a semen sample was to be taken to check against any problem that came up…

The spanking with the five ladies turn out to be more the just a spanking. They had something else in store for you completely.

Your penis got a very strong erection as all five of the ladies look at the bulge in your naughty little boy underpants turn into a rod trying to poke through the cotton of the underwear. One of the stared at you growing penis like she wanted to pull it off and use it herself. Another was looking at you behind and disusing just what they were going to do

Then they pulled your underpants down, now you were totally naked in a room with five women. Who were going to do who knew what? But you like that idea. They told you to not cover up your penis and when you did…..

It stood out straight from your body like a stick. One of the ladies said “Look isn’t he cute; he thinks that he is going to fuck one of us. What do you girls think we should do?’”
What did they do?

But while you were being reamed by the ladies you were thinking about what the girls had in store for you when they got their turn to get revenge on you for masturbating while watch one of their girlfriends being spanked.

But the fun was only starting......

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  1. I was once spanked by 4 women, I was caught smelling a pair of white smelly stained knickers the gusset stunk. They went mad pulled over the chair back took my trousers off then spanked over my white yfronts. Then they started to play with my willie hands in and out of my underpants they wanked me until I came into my underpants which I filled up, I was made to stand with my sore bum and dripping underpants for a long time.