Monday, July 23, 2012

Trouble with the Ex-Wife and Stepdaughter

The Ex-Wife and Stepdaughter…… As I came in late night my ex-wife and my stepdaughter was sitting in the parlor waiting for me, a situation that really made me feel uncomfortable. John, my ex said, you really forgot your obligation to your stepdaughter tonight! Hearing this I suddenly remembered that I should drive her to the dance lesson she had paid so much for. Mary, as her name was, a 17 year old dance addict had at last decided to develop her skills further, aiming at a professional career. How could I forget this, I thought, and felt a sweat coming on my forehead. And this is not the first time, my ex continued, and I….we.. Want to do something about it. I think you really need some discipline – and I have decided to give this task to your stepdaughter. I looked at my ex-wife in astonishment and then to my very beautiful and well trained stepdaughter – with her brown eyes, small rounded breasts and black hair – certainly not like mine blue eyes and blond hair. You just do as she tells and do not ever refuse to obey her! For the next month you will be her slave in this matter – and I give her free hands! My ex-wife was really authoritative figure, being a dean at the school, also very different from me who did not like to be bossy. I just bent my head and asked for mercy – without uttering these words though. Then Mary spoke: Are you ready old man? I just nodded. I really felt embarrassed by the thought of whatever she would do with me the next days and weeks. And she showed a distinct and stern will to take action immediately. Get those pants off, was her first order. I slowly pulled down my jeans in front of the two ladies, standing only in my tight white briefs and t-shirt. As I did this I started to get a strong erection in my underpants. Turn around, was the next command, and bend forward! I had no choice but to do as told. She quickly moved forward and dragged down my underwear all the way and exposed my backside in this very humiliating position. And it should be worse. Spread your legs, she ordered. I did and I knew the young woman had a full view of what was hanging down. Thinking about her pert tits and elegant body though made my penis point in another direction. Suddenly I felt her strong hands grab my balls and squeeze them really hard, I screamed out and fell on my knees as she still kept her hurtful grip. I wondered where she had learned this trick! Then she let go and asked me to stay down. I was now asked to really stick up my bottom Spreading my cheeks and also exposing my back entrance that had never been attacked by anyone. Only my ex-wife had to receive this treatment from me when I needed it. I really hoped this was no revenge for this, but I knew too well that I also has used a large dildo on her, an attack she really was not too happy with, but (like all men, I guess) really turned me on. Suddenly I felt the strap I usually kept in my drawer to discipline my ex-wife, snapping down between my cheeks, very hard and in a steady rhythm. I really had to struggle not to scream out. After 20 hits Mary went to my side and spanked me from this position, hitting both of my cheeks at the same time. I really understood how well trained she was. I became aware of my ex- wife’s counting and understood that she also was kind of an adviser in this matter when she calmly counted ..28…29…30. My rump was staring to burn like fire.
I had no idea that my stepdaughter was such an expert in this, but was to learn how creative she really was as my “slave” period continued. Tonight was only a start, and now she changed her position and stood with her legs on both sides of my back. She started strapping in a way so the tip of the long strap went between my legs – hitting my already aching balls and now dripping penis. How cruel can a stepdaughter be to someone 20 years older than she? I just could not help crying like a child when she stopped. Ok, daddy, she said…this was the warm up.. I want you to strip completely and get to the corner – with hands on your head. Your ex-wife and I need a drink and then we will inform you about the rules and the guiding methods for your next months of disciplinary action. I stood up, took off my t-shirt and put my nose in the corner, all naked, listening to the ladies mixing their drinks. I knew they did not make anything for me. My stepdaughter asked my ex-wife what they would do about my penis erection. My ex told my stepdaughter, “ we will have him masturbate in front of us until he squirts, will keep count of his strokes and multiply it ten and add that on to the number of spanking swats we were going to give him in the 1st place”. “Mom, can we do that every time he gets an erection?” “Yes dear and while he is at home we will have him wear only tight white men briefs when it just you and me, and a small tee shirt, and the only thing different will be when we have lady friends over then he will wear a speedo. This way you and me and our guest can all partake in the deal with a naughty little boy and his erections”
“You mean he will have to masturbate in front of all my girlfriend and you’re Mom?’ “ Yes dear because if we see an erection or one forming in his underpants or speedo we will know that he is being a naughty little boy, thinking about something nasty, and then you are your girlfriends and mine will get to partake is the discipline, and I know what you’re thinking. What if he keeps getting erection, well we will just have to keep have him to the same thing over and over again till he stops getting erections.” As I listen to this I knew that this was going to be a long six months. “Mom”, “Yes dear” “Aren’t you have a lingerie and sex toy party tomorrow?” “Yes dear and all my girlfriends will be trying on panties and looking at the latest dido’s and sex toys.” “Put what about my stepdad?” “ Well dear he will be wearing a speedo and he better have real control over that penis of his while serving and helping my girlfriends out with their new lingerie and sex toys, or it is going to be a long, sticky, messy, not to mention sore bare bottom night for him.” Then my ex-wife said “did you hear me dear, you need to go out and buy a bunch of new speedo for tomorrow night party, me and my girls are going to make you fill them up with cum, spank your bare bottom, and make you masturbate till your penis is covered in blisters……..cause I know the 1st girl that look at you in your speedo is going to start your penis getting hard. And who know, we might even try out a few dido on you to see how they feel.” “What do you mean mom?” “I and my girls are going to watch your step dad get erection, make him masturbate in front of us all, and then we’re all going to spank him, and then we will take turns fucking his ass with our new plastic penis.”

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