Friday, September 7, 2012


Spanked by My Wife and Her Boss Wife My wife, Lisa, punishes me frequently, but until two months ago nobody knew it. Then we went to a party at the home of one of her business associates. During the party I got into a heated political argument with another woman named Martha. As soon as our raised voices became audible, I heard Lisa call, "Henry!" sternly. I knew that tone of voice. I was in trouble. I immediately broke off my conversation and went over to Lisa. She grasped me firmly by the wrist and walked over to the hostess. "Janet is there some place Henry and I could go to talk in privacy for a few minutes?" Janet looked a little bit startled, but she said, "Well, the bedroom is down the hall and to the right. You could go there." Still leading me by the wrist, Lisa marched down the hall to the bedroom. I was already reddening since everyone could see who was in charge in our family. As soon as we got into the bedroom, Lisa sat down on the bed and motioned for me to come to her. This was the punishment routine, and I had been taught what to do. I came and stood right in front of her with my head bowed. "Look at me, Henry," she ordered. I raised my head and looked her in the eyes. "You know that Martha is my boss's wife, don't you? And you realize that your rudeness to her this evening is going to cause a lot of embarrassment, don't you?" I faltered, "Miss Lisa," (I was always to address her as 'Miss Lisa' when I was being punished) "Can't we wait until we get home?" "No we are not waiting till we get home!" she blazed. The only way you're going to learn to behave properly is when you know you are going to be punished immediately after any misbehavior!" With that she reached forward, and I felt the familiar sensation of my pants and underpants being yanked down in one crisp tug. "Now go and stand in that corner and wait until I call you for your spanking." This was a departure from the norm; I was usually spanked first and then sent to stand in the corner afterward. But I was in no position to argue. I hobbled over to the corner with my pants and underpants still down around my knees. I pushed my face as far into the corner as it would go, just as she had taught me when we were first married. I just hoped that no one else would come along and see me standing there in the corner with my fanny exposed like a naughty child. I heard Lisa get up and leave the room. In a few minutes I heard her return, but this time she wasn't alone. I caught my breath when I realized she had brought Martha into the room with her. The woman I had been treating so rudely just a few minutes before was now looking at me as I stood in the corner with my pants down! Nobody had ever seen Lisa punish me before. I think some of our friends probably suspected that Lisa was a stern disciplinarian, but all of the discipline had been done in private.
"Turn around, Henry," Lisa ordered. I obeyed. I put my hands together in front of my penis to give myself a little bit of modesty, but of course Lisa immediately barked, "Take your hands away, Henry!", so I did. I stood before both of them completely exposed.
"Now first, you are going to apologize to Miss Martha for being so rude to her a few minutes ago. Go ahead, do it now," she commanded when I hesitated. "I'm sorry I was rude to you, Miss Martha," I said humbly. "Now tell Miss Martha what's going to happen to you because of your rudeness, Henry." "Miss Lisa is going to spank me because I was rude to you, Miss Martha." It was agony to have to talk like that to this snotty woman, but I knew the penalty for arguing or disobeying when I was already being punished. Once when I had forgotten to address Miss Lisa respectfully during a punishment, she had slapped my face hard and then required me to ask for another slap. Lisa sat down on the bed and patted her knee. That was my signal. I hobbled over to stand in front of her. Clumsily, I placed myself over her lap in the standard spanking position. "Lisa, how darling!" exclaimed Martha. "How did you ever train him to be so obedient?" "Oh, we have quite an assortment of punishments for Henry to remind him of how to behave, don't we, Henry?" she asked with an affectionate little pat on my fanny. "I've sent him to bed with no supper, made him stand in the corner for hours on end, dressed him up like a little girl, put him in a chastity belt, and oh, just lots and lots of cute things. And every Thursday evening, Henry gets a good spanking just to keep him in his place - even if he's been good all week. In fact, I make him come to me with his pants down and ASK for his regular Thursday spanking." "Well, I think that's just precious," cooed Martha. "Go ahead; I want to watch you spank him. He really was very rude." "Well, first we position him so his naughty fanny is directly over the center of my lap," she said. She placed her hand firmly in my crotch, cupped my balls, and moved me into a satisfactory position. "Even if he doesn't need to be readjusted, I always do that," she explained. "The feeling of my hand between his legs just reinforces his feeling of helplessness." Then she turned her attention to me. "What is going to happen to you, Henry?" she asked. I answered as I had been trained: "I'm going to be spanked." "And why are you going to be spanked, Henry?" "Because I was rude to Miss Martha," I said. "And what's going to happen to you if you're rude to Miss Martha again in the future?" she demanded. "I'll get another spanking, Miss Lisa." The questions were all part of the standard routine I had been trained to go through when Miss Lisa was spanking me. The lecture over, my wife began to spank me. Fortunately she had not brought he hairbrush she usually uses to spank me with, but she was plenty effective with her hand. By the time she had administered twenty-five spanks,
I was biting my lower lip to keep from crying. I didn't want to give that other woman the satisfaction of seeing me cry. But I should have known Lisa would not stop until she had broken me completely. Not only did she keep up the
spanking until I cried, she still kept at it until I was begging her, through my weeping, to stop. When she was through, Miss Lisa began to gently stroke my burning fanny. "I'm sure Janet wants her bedroom back as soon as possible, Henry," she said. "So I'm not going to give you any corner time right now. Instead, we'll have a little reminder spanking when we get home, and you'll stand in the corner then, OK?" "Yes, Miss Lisa," I blubbered. "You may get up now," she said. I struggled up off her lap. Then I stood in front of her as I had been taught to do, bend over and kissed her cheek. "Thank you for spanking me, Miss Lisa," I said. "I'll try to behave better." "Now turn and face Miss Martha," Lisa ordered. I did as I was told. My pants and underpants were still down, and I was acutely conscious of my penis hanging out exposed, and of my red, tear-streaked face. "You've been punished for your rudeness, but you still haven't made up to Miss Martha for what you did, have you?" "N - no, I guess not," I stammered, wondering what she was up to. "So I think I'm going to give you to Miss Martha as a personal servant for the rest of the evening, Henry. Until we leave, you are to stay right at Miss Martha's elbow the entire time. You will do anything she asks you to, and I mean anything. Is that understood?" I nodded in shame. "Yes, Miss Lisa," I answered. I was horrified, wondering what kinds of fiendish things Martha might invent for me, but that's another story. After my wife, Lisa, had spanked me for my rudeness to her boss's wife, Martha, she "loaned" me to Martha as a personal servant for the rest of the evening. I was standing facing Martha with my pants and underpants down at my knees, having just climbed up from Lisa's lap after my spanking. "Well, Lisa," said Martha, "Do you think it would be all right if I spanked him to begin with? If he's going to be my servant for the evening, I really think he needs to be impressed with my authority." "Certainly," answered my wife. "I was going to suggest that myself." Martha came over and sat down on the bed. "Come here, Henry," she ordered. I stumbled over to her, with my pants and underpants at my knees forcing me to take tiny little steps. Martha reached forward and took my penis gently in her hand. "I'm sure I'm going to enjoy spanking you, Henry," she said. "Do you think that your spanking will help you to learn to be obedient?" My throat was dry and sore from the crying I had done while Lisa was spanking me. I croaked, "Yes, Miss Martha". Even though I was in pain, and frightened at the thought of further punishment, Martha's gentle stroking action was having an effect on my penis. She smiled knowingly as she felt it stiffen in her hand.
Then she patted her knee as she had seen Lisa do, and I knew it was time for me to lie over her lap, face down, for my spanking. When I was positioned to her satisfaction, she asked sweetly, "Why am I spanking you, Henry?" "So I will learn to obey you, Miss Martha," I answered. Without further ado Martha began to spank me. My fanny was still red and sore from the spanking Lisa had given me just a few minutes earlier. By the fifteenth spank, I was crying helplessly.
But Martha just kept on spanking until she had administered at least 35 spanks. Then she turned me over and helped me to a sitting position on her lap. I was still crying from both pain and shame. She reached out for a tissue, then held it to my nose and told me to blow. I blew my nose into the tissue as she had instructed me. She gave me a few minutes to compose myself, and then Lisa said, "Well, Martha, I see that you have Henry well in hand, so I'll return to the party. Henry, if Miss Martha expresses any dissatisfaction with you at the end of the evening, she and I will both punish you severely. Is that understood?" I nodded miserably. "Yes, Miss Lisa," I replied. As Lisa left, Martha took me into the bathroom and wiped the tears from my face. Finally she said, "You may pull your pants back up now, Henry." At least I now had the dignity of covering my private parts. Of course, the sensation of pulling my pants up over my red, burning ass was terribly painful, but still I was glad to be dressed again. "Now Henry, we are going back to the party. You are to instantly obey any instruction I give you, and you are not to contradict or disagree with anything I say on any subject. Is that clear? Tell me what is going to happen to you if you don't follow your instructions." "I'll get another spanking, I guess," I answered. "I think you've forgotten how to speak to me properly," said Martha with an intimate smile. "Answer the question again, but this time addresses me as Miss Lisa has taught you to do." "If I don't follow your instructions, I'll get another spanking, Miss Martha," I replied hastily. We returned to the party. We actually had a fairly pleasant time for a while; although I'm sure everybody noticed how respectful and deferential I was toward Martha. The only thing she seemed to require was that I drink quite a lot of soft drinks. After a couple of hours, Martha said, "I think I'd better use the bathroom. Come along with me, Henry." When we got into the bathroom, Martha closed the door behind us. "Do you know why I brought you in here with me, Henry?" I told her I had no idea. "Well, Henry," she explained, "I thought it would be nice if you wiped my pussy for me after I use the toilet. Do you think you can do that?" "Yes, Miss Martha," I said. The idea didn't sound too bad. "And do you know how I want you to wipe me?" she demanded. "Well, uh -” I didn't know what she was getting at. "You're going to use your tongue, Henry. Do you think you can do that? Has Miss Lisa ever had you clean her pussy with your tongue after she peed?" "No, ma’am Miss Martha." "Well then, this should be a good learning experience for you. Has Miss Lisa taught you to eat her cunt?" "Yes, Miss Martha," I admitted. Indeed, my wife had taught me to service her pussy with long, soft, caressing kisses, to lick her genitals thoroughly, and to slide my tongue way up into her vagina. I had become quite expert at it, and had sometimes even been let off from a spanking as a reward. Martha lifted her short skirt, slipped down her panties, and sat on the toilet. Immediately I heard the tinkling sound of her urine in the water. When the sound ceased, she drew back her skirt, revealing the most beautiful, glossy black patch of pubic hair I had ever seen. "All right, Henry, now clean me thoroughly," she ordered. She smiled sweetly at me. I dropped to my knees right in front of the toilet and buried my face between her thighs. I stuck my tongue out tentatively and began to lick. Her pussy stank from her urine, but I had enough self-control to continue my work. I must have done a good job, because she started to pat my head affectionately as I licked away at her pussy. Finally I had cleaned everything completely. "That's fine, Henry," she said, and stood up. "You may pull my panties up for me now." I bent down and pulled her panties up snugly around her body. Then I said, "I have to go to the bathroom too, Miss Martha. May I please use the toilet?" "Oh no Henry. You've been a very bad boy tonight, and the toilet is only for good boys." Suddenly I realized the purpose of all those drinks. My bladder was full, and I really had to go to the bathroom badly. But she took may the wrist and led me back to the party. By the time another half hour had passed, I really didn't think I could hold it any longer. "Please, Miss Martha," I whispered desperately into her ear, "let me go use the bathroom." Martha looked at me sternly. "You were already told no once, Henry. Am I going to have to tell Miss Lisa that you were disobedient?" I was in a quandary. I knew that if I wet my pants, I'd be punished. But I would also be punished if I disobeyed Miss Martha by going to the bathroom, or if I asked permission to go again. I knew I could hold it only a couple more minutes, so I tried to maneuver myself into a position where it wouldn't be too noticeable if I wet myself. Suddenly I realized I couldn't hold it. The urine flooded hotly into my pants, quickly soaking them. Then I felt the hot fluid running down my legs. Almost immediately, Martha saw the dark stain at the front of my pants. She called delightedly to my wife, " Lisa? I think our Henry has had a little accident." Everybody turned to look at me. I was beet red. Lisa came over, looked at me coolly, and said, "Henry! I'm ashamed of you! After I spent all weekend teaching you to use the toilet! Come on, let's get into the bathroom and clean you up." She took me by the hand, and she and Martha led me to the bathroom. Everyone could hear the sloshing of my wet pants, and I'm sure many could smell the stink of my urine. I was sobbing with humiliation. Once in the bathroom, Lisa sat on the toilet and scolded me for wetting myself like a baby. She turned to Martha and said, "Henry is going to need a change of underpants.
Why don't you go ask Janet for a pair of her panties? I think that would be just right. Make sure you tell her what they're for," she added with a smirk. "Meanwhile, I'll punish Henry and then clean him up." "That's a wonderful idea, Lisa," said Martha, and then left. Lisa, of course, immediately yanked down my soaking wet pants and underpants, and put me over her lap. This was my third spanking of the evening, and my fanny was already red and sore. Besides that, my skin had been made even tenderer when I had wet myself. But Lisa had no sympathy. She gave me one of the hardest spankings I had ever received, and then said, "Why were you spanked, Henry?" I answered as I had been taught: "I was spanked because I wet my pants, Miss Lisa." Lisa then sponged me off and dried me gently between the legs. Just as she finished, Martha came back with a pair of clear white panties. "Oh, look at what Miss Martha has for you, Henry!" exclaimed Lisa delightedly. "Let's put them on." My spirit had been completely broken by this time; besides, my own pants and underpants were soaked with urine. Even wearing those laywomen’s underpants was preferable to going back out to the party naked from the waist down. So I stood there submissively as Miss Lisa and Miss Martha put the frilly white panties on me.
"Actually, Henry has had a tiring evening by now, Martha," said Lisa. And he also has a 'reminder spanking' coming when we get home, and he'll have to spend some time standing in the corner. But now that you and Henry have become acquainted, I think we should get the two of you together frequently. I promise he'll be available to serve you again soon." She turned her attention to me. "Henry, thank Miss Martha for disciplining you and taking care of you this evening." I choked with resentment and remorse. "Thank you for disciplining me and taking care of me, Miss Martha," I whimpered. "Now, Henry, we'll leave. But first, of course, you'll have to go to our hostess and thank her for lending you those panties." I reddened with humiliation again. But by now I had lost all my dignity. I went back into the living room and found Janet. "Thank you or loaning me your panties,
Miss Janet," I said.
There were two other women talking to her at the time, and they stood there smirking as Janet said, "You're very welcome, Henry. You can return them to me after Lisa teaches you not to wet your pants anymore." That wasn't the whole story of the evening.
Once we were home, Lisa gave me the promised "reminder spanking" after taking those frilly panties down to my knees, and stood me in the corner with my panties down for an hour before I was allowed to go bed. But the most awful part was over. Everyone knew how Lisa disciplined me, and my life has never been the same since.

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